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Location, Location, Location

Updated: Jul 10

The Collingwood flea market in some respects acts like a retail incubator, providing affordable space to not only my business but all the other businesses that rent there. The Collingwood management does not assist you with the management of your business or provide resources but it provides the space you need to run your business.  The management there is concern with running the Flea Market as a whole and your business is a part of the flea market, and that means that Management makes sure that you are open every day, which in turn helps your business as well. 

The Facial Bar sometimes looks like a disruption of the flea market, because it looks like it should be in a strip mall or some other retail structure. There are flea markets that are designed to look like mini malls and I hoped that my disruption would cause others to follow, but so far, the market remains the same except for a few new comers. 


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